Odourlock Clay Cat Litter

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Odourlock Clay Cat Litter neutralizes unpleasant odours for up to 40 days.


  • Patented technology blocks the formation of ammonia, which causes unpleasant odours
  • Ultra-fast clumping makes it easy to scoop and reduces the amount of litter used
  • Cuts down on waste and reduces annual litter use by over 45%
  • 99.9% dust-free, which is better for you and your cat’s respiratory systems
  • Leaves no tracking so your home will stay clean all the time
  • Made with 100% pure, natural clay, recognized worldwide for its high quality
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The best! Torcat on 13 June 2022

This is by far the best cat litter out there. I have tried everything, but there is simply never any horrid wee smell with this. I have 2 house cats and 2 litter trays. This is a little more expensive, but not really when you realise how little gets thrown out, and for the lack of smell and tracking, it is totally worth it. I used to have to do a deep clean of the trays every 4 weeks and now hardly ever.

Best cat litter Dawn Parton on 9 May 2022

I have 3 cats and this is the by far the best litter for ensuring odours are kept to a minimum. It is more expense than other brands but last a long time and is absolutely worth the money. Would highly recommend

Amazing nic on 30 January 2022

I've tried several litters with my cat, and they all left track marks lots of dust, and not easy to clean. This litter is amazing, no smell, no dust and no track marks! I wouldn't use anything else now. And my cat absolutely loves it.

Good Danielle on 20 January 2022

Found it does lock in most odours unless she has done a really smelly one then no hope.

Best Litter Jdubz on 4 January 2022

We have 4 cats and I'm always on the hunt for a better litter. I can stop the hunt because I found this litter. It's great! It really locks in any odours and clumps well. I highly recommend it.

Best litter David on 8 November 2021

We use a lot of litter, 7 in house cats.. this lasts better than any other litter we have tried. It stays fresher and clumps well for cleaning.


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