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Help keep your small animal's cage or run clean and fresh with the Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat. This mat has been specially designed to absorb liquids and odours in order to keep you pets cage hygienic and your small animals healthy and happy.


  • 100% natural
  • Highly absorbent
  • Prevents odours

The Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat is a 100% natural and untreated animal bedding system that is perfect for a wide range of small animals. These hemp mats are designed to be practically dust free for better value and convenience.

These mats are ideal not only for keeping your small pet's home more hygienic, but are also great for insulating warmth and creating a soft burrow or nest for your small pet to live on.

While these hemp mats are available in three sizes, cutting them for an exact fit for your small pets home is quick and easy.

Thanks to their 100% natural fibres, these mats are environmentally friendly and can be recycled with other garden or organic waste if you wish.

Keep your small pet healthy, happy and hygienic with a Chipsi Climate Floor Hemp Mat.

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Good Quality jane on 30 July 2020

Good quality, thick and durable unlike cheaper hemp mats.

Brilliant chandrh on 27 July 2020

I use for rats, they love to dig to make their bed out of this. Keeps them busy and adds to their curiosity. Dont need to clean out as often as it manages smells well. Great size, I actually cut it in 3 and use the pellets in half the cage, rats love it

Works miracles for me. Paula on 9 August 2019

I have reordered this because I can't believe how good it is. I have a 2 storey 17.5ft hutch and a 2 story 30ft hutch joined with a runaround tunnel for my two rabbits. Up until I purchased this I used newspaper and topped with hay in their bedding area.They are somewhat toilet trained (I have a rabbit toilet downstairs which I clean out alternate days) but there was always droppings in the bedding area after a week when it came to the big weekly clean. However since laying this and topping with hay they have not soiled it at all in over 5 months. They chewed it a bit but all I needed to do was top up with hay. After 5 months I cleared it all out and replaced the mat because I was feeling guilty, not because it needed it. I checked very thoroughly and there was absolutely no soiling whatsoever. I don't know why as they sleep in the area every night but I am seriously considering putting it in other areas where I don't want them to soil as one of them tends to choose the hardest to reach place near the toilet but not IN the toilet. I will always use this from now on.

Interesting for even grumpy pets Saskia Kenyon on 18 June 2019

Recently adopted a shelter bunny who from a neglected past is very timid and unsure of lots of things. I've spent so much on toys with no luck. He's just not interested. That was until I got this. As soon as I opened it he ran over, even climbed onto me! and began DESTROYING IT. (I will note the matt is incredibly sturdy despite this). I would definitely spend more on the XL just for more for your pet to play with. It's absolutely my buns favourite thing now, and honestly seeing him be a normal active rabbit makes me happy :)

Nifa on 24 March 2019

very good. would recommend this. size is good too.

Nifa on 24 March 2019

both rabbits have chewed half of it and the other half they urinated on.They do like it and do use it for resting on.