Cats Best Smart Pellet Clumping Wood Cat Litter

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Cats Best Smart Pellet Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made from 100% natural organic fibres, and is an ideal clumping litter for long haired cats that works as a natural odour and germ trap.

Smart Pellet Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made up of organic pellets that are heavier and have a lower tracking effect. As a result, they don't stick to fur, even with long-haired cats and therefore don't get carried out of the litter tray. Moisture and odours are absorbed quickly and long-term by the fibres' ultrafine capillary system. This stops odours developing over a long period of time – all without chemical additives.

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Best litter ever Mrs Johanna Barnes on 7 July 2022

I was over the moon when I found this litter. My cat Alfie is long haired and a 12 year old rescue. The litter doesnt stick to him and anything that escapes from the litter box is easy to Hoover up. He loves it also . I tried another new litter on the market and it wasnt much bigger granularly than grains of sugar and was terrible to use . I also love that the bags are delivered in a cardboard box and dont have a chance to spill everywhere if a bag splits. Brilliant all round we thank you.

Less tracking lauraps on 16 June 2021

I like this brand of litter anyway and Ive found this one tracks less and still keeps odours down. I like that I can put it into a compost like bin on my garden or down the toilet.

Avoids mess and tracking j-j on 8 July 2020

Very happy with this product.

Don't like the mess on my floors. The Crew on 29 May 2020

I started to write a review but it was wiped from my page before I had time to put anything .Not a Happy Bunny. Therefore I shall state it's good that it clups, but I can't keep putting it in my household bin, does it go down the toilet, I don't think so, My answer is I will not be having it again. I'm not over struck on it and the kittens are not either I'm always having to get the cleaner out to get the pellets up, but it maybe ok for those who seem to like cleaning. I'm not a dirty person but I'm sick of cleaning.

Great value Litter Louvainriddell on 17 April 2020

This is excellent litter. We're retraining our cat to use a cat tray again and thought we may have problems, but she took one smell of the litter and went straight into the box! There is no smell, no after odour, no clumps, it cleans away easily. We use it in a cat litter tray we bought from PetPlanet (one with a plastic lid and sides to stop the litter going everywhere). That, also is highly recommended.

Jan on 25 February 2020


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